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Get all the machine components you need

Get custom parts created to your specifications with Aerofab Inc! Quality is our main focus, and your satisfaction is important. Whether it is a sculpture, machine part, or a part for your hot rod, get it at a competitive price here!


We can assist you with any layouts or engineering requirements you have! Just give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Get the highest quality on all components you need

When you need machine components, you need good machine components. You can't afford to get sub-par pieces. You will always get the best parts from our experienced welders, fabricators, finishers, and CAD personnel.

Large selection of component parts available

• Brackets

• Conveyors

• Covers

• Guards

Get any of the following to your specifications

• Laser cut

• Fabricate

• Weld

• Flat layouts

• Handles

• Chutes

• Panels

• Guides

• Shrouds

• Frames

• Pans

• Flanges

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